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SHUMAS is a charitable and Development Non–Governmental Organisation (DNGO) involved in a wide range of development issues. The Government of Cameroon, per Authorisation number 1082/E.29/1111/VOL.7/APPB of 21st April 1997, recognised SHUMAS as a Development 'Not for Profit' NGO.

SHUMAS and her partners have been supporting the Cameroon Government’s Poverty Reduction Strategy. This includes, amongst others, the construction and equipping of rural schools, sustainable agriculture practices, environmental protection, health related issues etc.

To learn more please click to the SHUMAS web site

AidCamps International

This is a UK NGO set up in 1999 involved in recruiting volunteers for overseas placements. Currently they are involved in sending groups of volunteers to help poor communities to build/rebuild schools in Cameroon, India, Sri Lanka and Nepal. They also send individual volunteers for a variety of projects/placements. Please see their website.

We also work in close association with Schools for Africa' which was set up by other AidCamps volunteers. This charity has been rebuilding schools in Cameroon also through SHUMAS-Cameroon.

And just to let you know that yet another AidCamps volunteer, Janet Clark, has funded the setting up of a small centre in Bamenda for people who are experiencing mental health problems.

Peter Hearn with SHUMAS directors Stephen and Billian


UK Registered Charity No: 1131624

AidCamp volunteers with children

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