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In November 2007 Peter Hearn, a GP from Bournemouth, UK, made a volunteer trip through AidCamps International to work as a doctor in a rural health clinic in the village of Lui, Oku sub-division in Cameroon, West Africa. Peter lived with a local village family, a great way of getting to know the villagers and their way of life. He enjoyed wonderful hospitality and friendliness throughout the village.Village Ceremony There was a 'Welcome' ceremony, complete with Juju dancers and at the end of the placement there were speeches and gifts in a tropical rainstorm.

In this village he worked with nurses who usually ran the clinic alone. They had never had a doctor working there before. The clinic served the village and several surrounding ones with a total population said to be around 20,000, resulting in long queues every day.

The idea for this charity arose from these experiences.

Village children


UK Registered Charity No: 1131624

Lui Clinic's consulting room

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