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Peter Hearn - Founder & trustee
GP (family doctor), Alma Medical Partnership, Bournemouth, UK
"I have had an interest in world development issues since studying biochemistry at Oxford and medicine at Sheffield. The trip to Cameroon was my initial foray into medical work in Africa and I hope the first of many. I feel confident that the model we are setting up here will lead to sustainable local healthcare development, whether this remains on a small local scale or grows bigger."
Glynis Hearn - Founder & Trustee
"My background is in social work and counselling and I currently work with sick children and their families on the Paediatric Unit at Poole Hospital in Dorset UK, I grew up in Africa and am pleased to renew that connection especially in a way that works with the aspirations of the people who live there. Pete and I have 3 'adult' children, all of whom are keen to be involved!"
Peter Kammerling - Trustee....
Consultant & Company Director Peter has many years' experience in business consultancy, project management, marketing and quality assurance in both public and private sectors. He feels that Spreading Health is a great ‘bottom-up’ model of development and is delighted to be supporting it in any way that he can.
Tony Rodger -Retired Businessman & Chartered Engineer
"I have been an enthusiastic supporter of MSF and Practical Action, a smaller UK based equivalent, both of which tend to focus on medical support in disaster areas.   I am delighted to be invited to use my business skills to assist SH in developing its strategic aims and hands-on focus on self help in Cameroon and eventually elsewhere where there is a proven need."

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SHUMAS staff involved in the Spreading Health Nurse Programme...

Stephen Ndzerem-SHUMAS General Coordinator
As the SHUMAS General Coordinator, Stephen has overall resonsibility for all the projects undertaken by SHUMAS.
Billian Nyuykighan - Project Co-ordinator
Billian is the project Co-ordinator for SHUMAS. She is a senior community development worker with more than 8 years of experience in rural developmentand holds a higher national Diploma in Community Development and Mobilization. She had professional training in ARI-Japan.
Gisela Beri
Gisela has a BA in Geography and Environmental Management and an MA in Development which she gained in Canada. She is responsible for the day to day management of the SH project in Cameroon.
Balgah Roland Azibo - Field supervisor
Roland is a Senior Social Worker with more than 13 years of experience in development work and has worked with many health projects in several different organizations and communities. He holds an Msc in Socio-economics and has participated in many workshops and training events and in many aspects of development.

The following people kindly give their services voluntarily:

Graham Borgonon
Website development & management, Royston, UK. Also works with SHUMAS developing the SHUMAS website.
Geoff and Lene Gurney
Newsletter and communications support, Crowborough, UK (Click to Email)
Anna Pethen
Logo design & graphic designer, 07740 680620, Sheffield, UK (Click to Email)
Richard Pethen
Fundraising & development ideas. Sheffield, UK.
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