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News Bulletin 8: Spring/Summer 2011

The Spreading Health program is now in its third year of operation and presently sponsors fifteen students from fifteen communities around Cameroon

The first group of five are in their final year at St Louis Higher Institute of Health.

The second group of five was split into two groups: three have been trained as nursing assistants at St Jude Higher Institute of Health in Bamenda and are presently assisting in their respective communities; the other two are undergoing training in St Louis Higher Institute of Health.

The last batch of five candidates is also split into two groups: three candidates are being trained in Capitol Health Institute as nurse assistants in Bamenda; two in Shisong Nursing School located in Kumbo Bamenda, as SRN nurses.

Regular monthly meetings with all the students have continued and all are in good health and enjoying their training.

St Louis Higher Institute of Health:

Havilah, Zulaikah and Jolene are in their final year, which started on the 4th of October 2010. In November they were busy with classes and writing research proposals. A clinical internship in Bali Nyonga (which is about 15 km away from Bamenda) ended in February this year. All are very hard working and determined to graduate at the end of the year.

This year Omer was elected as the class coordinator for a class of 300 students. He is linking the students with the school administration. In school, he is also the president of the Nursing Club and a member of the school senate.

After a difficult year last year, Oscar is quite optimistic about his success this year. The protocol agreement signed by all the candidates at the beginning of the program means that they agree to pay the fee if they need to repeat part of their training. Oscar has already paid part of the tuition for this year and planned to complete by March. The school is quite sure he will make it this time because his problems were in part caused by the change in the evaluation system.

Elvis was also affected by the new system and repeating the second year. He has paid his tuition fee, and is very determined to succeed this time with exceptional grades.

Rebecca is in her second year at St. Louis. It has not been easy for her. Problems started at the beginning of this school year. Her mother died and she is just recovering from the shock. Her friends in the Spreading Health program paid her a condolence visit when she returned. Rebecca started her internship in February.

Ethel, Seraphine and Aishatu have all now graduated as Nursing Assistants from St. Jude's Higher Institute of Nursing and Biomedical studies in Bamenda.

Now back in their own community Health Clinics, each one is assisting in improving the health conditions of their communities. SHUMAS will visit their communities to monitor their activities. Our next report will have details of their communities.

The new recruits for 2011:

This year SHUMAS has chosen Capitol Higher Institute of Health Sciences for the one year program for Nursing Assistants, because Capitol is noted for its excellent results. The program in Capitol is more intensive.

Assana is one of the new candidates this year from Fossett community in the West Region of Cameroon. She is enjoying the studies and achieved good results from her first sequence evaluation. Assana ranked amongst the first ten and started her internship in Mankon Health Centre in Bamenda in January.

Emmanuel, from the Mbah community, is also a student on the One Year Nursing Assistant Course, and is having to study in town conditions for the first time. He also ranked amongst the first ten in the class out of nearly two hundred students.

Gladys is from the Nwa community of Donga Mantung Division. On the same course at Capitol, Gladys also succeeded in all her classes and ranked amongst the first twenty students in her class. She is the mother of seven children, three in secondary school and four in primary school.

Nicoline from the Ako community, and Delphine from the Ntartsen Community Health Centre, are two of the successful 2010/2011 candidates for the three year State Registered Nurse program. This time the student nurses are training in Shisong Health Institute, a renowned institute in Cameroon known for its excellence. Shisong is located in Kumbo, Bui division, North West Region.

Nicoline and Delphine are enthusiastic and grateful to the Spreading Health program for the offer of training. Classes started on the 4th of October last year, and both promise to do their best during the training period.

Delphine and Nicoline, are Sisters of the Tertiary Sisters of St. Francis, Shisong.

SHUMAS recognises the challenges faced by all the students and works hard to support them. Time allocation for each course is relatively small compared to the scheme of work, and students are not having sufficient time to read and assimilate material.

SHUMAS struggles to find the resource to visit students in their internship sites, and their communities to support and monitor. Nevertheless, plans are in place to follow up the St Jude's graduates at their various community clinics, to offer support and find out if they are working effectively. SHUMAS will continue the monthly meetings with the students, and will continue to provide progress reports.


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