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News Bulletin 4: January/February 2010

Happy New Year to all our supporters

We are pleased to publish our fourth Bulletin continuing to report the progress of the five students who began their nurse training in October 2008, and to report the good news that five more students started in October 2009. Congratulations to all of them.

The new intake

Jolene and Rebecca are two new beneficiary students, State Registered Nurses, at the St Louis Clinic:


Jolene said she "can't really explain how she felt after her successful interview. It was a mixture of pleasure, joy, enthusiasm and happiness. I also felt a sense of responsibility. This was because I knew that after my training, I will be responsible for the health of my community. Also, the joy and pleasure I will derive from saving thousands of people in my community. I also thought of the fact that some health problems in my community would be handled by my being trained as a nurse."


Rebecca said: "I come from a poor family and when my community chose me I was very happy. When I succeeded in the interview with SHUMAS I was most happy. My plans are to work seriously in school so as to go and help my community."

Seraphine, Ethel and Asiatu are new student beneficiaries, Nursing Assistants at St Jude's Clinic:


Seraphine: "When I had a phone call from SHUMAS-Cameroon that I was selected I was so happy. In me I could see my future coming through. I have dreamed of becoming a nurse, to save people and most of all my own people and people around me. This dream was being shattered when I had my Advanced Levels but unable to raise money for my fees. So when I learned of being selected I could not just bear the happiness that was inside me."


Ethel: "The reason I was selected by my community was because they saw me as being capable of going through the training successfully, and also with my honesty, I will come back and serve them. Secondly, SHUMAS selected me because after my interview she saw that I merited the training. This is because I gave reasonable answers to the questions that I was being asked."


Asiatu: "When I heard that I was selected my thoughts were it is not real. I really feel as if my dreams have come to reality, but at first I could not believe it."

The first famous five - what we did on our holidays (internships)

Oscar was back in the Noi (Jakiri) Health District at the Community Health Centre, where he gained a lot of professional experience doing minor consultations and giving health talks to some women's and men's groups. Presently, his community has just one nurse who is not trained. This has scared most patients into trekking three kilometres for health attention. Oscar's community is impatiently waiting for him to complete his training!
Though all seemingly went well with the internship, Oscar had a dislocated hip which kept him in bed for two weeks.

Elvis returned to Njen (Batibo) Health Centre for Clinical Practice and declared it was a marvellous experience as he assisted in all aspects of the centre's work, conducting some deliveries, administering injections and setting up drips. Later he worked in the Community Health Centre for two weeks where he carried out some consultations and ward rounds, again administering injections and setting up drips.
Elvis also taught the present Assistant Nurse (running the clinic) some of the things he learned at college in his first year.

Zulaika was placed in Bali Health Centre, and says she gained a lot of experience in clinical practice. In her own community (Ngendzen) the Health Centre is temporarily closed because there is nobody to work there. Zulaika's community is also impatiently waiting for her to complete her studies.

Havilah returned to Lui (Oku) and was first placed at P.M.I. Nkwen. She participated in antenatal clinics where she took blood pressure, weighed and palpated pregnant women. She worked in the laboratory, in the theatre, and on the Admissions Ward, and participated in a vaccination campaign. Havilah also worked in the Community Health Centre at Lui for one week where she assisted in conducting deliveries and consultations.

Omer's clinical practice was at Bafut (St Theresia) where he attended many Theatre sessions, worked in the Laboratory, administered injections, and assisted in conducting several deliveries. Later, back in Bamdzeng, he carried out minor consultations.

A great success

SHUMAS planned and achieved a number of activities for October last year. The month started with the signing of protocol agreements with each benefiting community. All the five new students and their communities have signed the protocol agreement, which states clearly the responsibilities of each stakeholder in the project. An orientation and evaluation meeting was held in the SHUMAS office on the 10th of October with all ten students. The objectives of the meeting were:

The day ended with a group photo of all the students, and SHUMAS staff. There will be monthly meetings every first Saturday just as last year, with both new and old students coming together to review their progress.

Students with SHUMAS staff


With the help of all those who have contributed time and money here in the UK, grants for the tuition fees and for books, a uniform and other necessities have been paid for all the ten students.

That is a fantastic result. But more money is needed for the next five, and the next five. SHUMAS is clear that it is not all about Nurses and Nursing Assistants, and give us examples such as drugs, health equipment and potable water which are also needed for some clinics.

We have got this far through the donations of a relatively small number of supporters, but now we need to widen the net and to do this we need your support. Please go to Support Us to find out more.

And lastly…

Students with Aidcamps visitors

Also during the month of October, two representatives of AIDCamps International visited SHUMAS and the students actively participated in welcoming them. They were able to give very good information about the health situation in their communities, and they talked about the opportunity given to them by Spreading Health, and what this will do to their lives.

**Together we are Spreading Health**

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