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News Bulletin 2: November 2008/January 2009

Greetings to all our supporters, we hope this finds you in good health and we're pleased to publish our 2nd Bulletin reporting some case studies and our latest visit to Cameroon:

On 6 October 2008, 5 students sponsored by Spreading Health started their nurse training at St Louis College in Bamenda, Cameroon.

They come from the North West Province (English speaking) and none of them would have been able to afford this training without the sponsorship of Spreading Health.

Oscar Wirnkar is from Noi near Jakiri,
Havilah Nsakse comes from Lui, Oku,
Elvis Toh is from Njen (Batibo),
Omer Tawong comes from Bamdzeng
Zulaikah Wirba is from Ngendzen

Oscar has worked in his community clinic, untrained, for 13 years.
He has a wife and children and his community selected him because of his commitment and dedication.

In November 2008....

Peter visited Cameroon again this time accompanied by Glyn. A highlight of the trip was meeting the 5 sponsored students and receiving their thanks to everyone who has donated and contributed to Spreading Health.

These are some excerpts from letters they’ve written to share with their sponsors:

"...I also thank you as my village will be lifted so far as health is concerned which is the most important thing in life, as people’s lives will be saved just because of your intervention. .. I wish to thank the organisation responsible for my sponsorship in St Luis College for the good job they are doing..."

"...For someone to sponsor a person who they do not know means that person is very great. I know this organisation represents my father at this stage because if not for this organisation may be I was just going to remain like I was, doing nothing till the end of my life but due to your efforts I will have some profession that will help me and my community..."

Havilah’s father died when she was studying for GCE’s. She is the eldest of 7 children and she and her mother sold pop corn and peanuts in markets to pay her school fees up to A level.

The fees for the Nursing College are 20 times per year what they are for A levels, making this unaffordable without sponsorship. She attained the highest marks at A level and is committed to her community in Lui, Oku.

"...I was very astonished when I saw the amount of money you sent through Shumas Cameroon for my school fees. I nearly would have developed wings to fly like a bird, for it was unbelievable to me, like a dream. I can say that without you my education would have remained or ended where it was. I did not have any other means of looking forward as my parents are late (dead). I am very happy to let you know that by the power of God you are now my father and mother..."

"...to appreciate your efforts towards seeing that I should be a ‘responsible somebody’ tomorrow! …in offering me a scholarship to be trained as a nurse which I would love to be. I thank God for using you to bless me and as I have had the opportunity I believe that through this blessing other people will be blessed as it is a stepping stone to developing my local community..."

"...My community equally thanks all of you for this wonderful opportunity given me. I couldn’t believe the activities carried out to raise this large sum of money to educate someone you don’t know..."

Students with Peter & Glyn and SHUMAS workers, Beri & Regular

We wish them all good luck with their studies!

We (Peter and Glyn) also returned to Lui Oku where Pete again consulted many patients at the community clinic, working with the highly committed nurses there. As before the villagers were enormously welcoming including us in their lives and we met up with women’s groups from Future In Our Hands who are engaged in all sorts of small development and education projects. See their FIOH website: www.fiohwork.org/fiohfund

We also spent time with the enthusiastic team from SHUMAS developing ideas for the future of Spreading Health.

We plan as early as possible in 2009 to apply for charitable status with the UK Charity commission.

Current total of funds raised during this, our first year of operation is £8,800 (Christmas 2008) which is a great start.


Together we ARE Spreading Health!


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